The Time to THINK

01 Apr

We are living through strange and stressful days. But living through a pandemic has reminded us that what we have in common outweighs that which divides us.

The virus has reminded us that we are strong and resilient. And compassionate.


Some of us will struggle more than others, and some of us will find new depths of compassion and fellowship as a result of supporting those who need us most. The pandemic has sparked creativity and kindness that I hope with all my heart lasts well beyond the impacted days. We will have to find creative and kind ways to celebrate the milestones we’ve missed – the birthdays and graduations, anniversaries and even memorials for those we lost who we mourned from home because we had to keep a safe distance.

The distance and isolation will change us. Has already changed us.

Without the commitments and hustle and noise of the outside world, we also now have the luxury of spending energy in different ways.

Some of us – without judgement! – are binge-watching the dumbest things on TV because we can’t seem to get off the couch.

just remember PB egg season

Some of us are getting more walks in than ever before.


And this talented family, has won the InterWebs this week for creativity:

Les Mis in times of Covid

We can (and should) creatively gripe and find humor in these difficult times, but let’s talk about things those of us without recording equipment and music tracks in our living rooms can do.

I’m suggesting we all THINK a bit more.

I am a loud extroverted person. So you would think that staying home and spending quiet time would drive me nuts.

But I’m also a researcher, which means I know how to spend days at a time devoted to reading, writing, and quiet reflection. Perhaps more than my DUR surgery in January, my mid-life doctoral pursuits did more to prepare me for the pandemic, for the space we must all give one another now.


But the two most important things being a student over 40 taught me?
The value of patience and reflection.

Whether you read, write, draw, puzzle, … try this week also to reflect.

Spend time in that lost art of THINKING. It seems we live in a time when we don’t do that enough. How many times to do we say/hear “I wish he’d thought about that more” or “I don’t have time to think about that right now” Hm…

stop breath re connect

Our lives are rushed and full and sometimes we complain that we don’t have time for thinking and reflection. Well guess what? Consider this pandemic has given us all the opportunity to do just that. Think and Reflect.

If you are currently juggling homeschooling (in addition to other aspects of your life that have been corona-rearranged) consider adding deliberate REFLECTION to your  (and your kids’) weekly schedules.

You don’t have to be GenX or older to do it, for fuckssake.


You can absolutely make time for thinking. And reflecting. And sharing. And there are loads of sources out there to help you – and kids of all ages – with all kinds of writing and drawing prompts (check out the links below for starters).

The slower pace of pandemic days are perfect times for THINKING.

Think about what matters most to you.

About WHO matters most to you.

Write a letter letting someone you’ve not spoken to in a while that lets them know you are thinking of them.

Make a Skype date with someone you haven’t seen (pre-pandemic) in a long time.

Think about how we can all be better humans on the other side of all this.


This pandemic has made us all aware of ourselves, our neighbors, the spaces we share. But it’s also bringing into focus what is really important. Don’t waste the opportunity to be thoughtful in new ways, including introspective ones.

Think about it.

Your Derelict Debutante



THINKING (and writing and drawing)  LINKS to SHARE:

Drawing Activities for Analyzing and Reflecting (Coursera -MOMA youtube video)

Reflective and Art Therapy Activities

What is reflective writing? Watch this video (great for kids too!)

300 Creative Writing Prompts for kids

Interactive Story Starters (from Scholastic) teacher’s guides

180 Journal writing prompts (kids) from DailyTeachingTools online

250+ journal prompts from JournalBuddies

Reflection Writing & Activities– high school + college writers (ClemsonUni)

105 Writing Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery

3 steps to promoting student reflection

Meditation for Kids – the Imagine Project




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2 responses to “The Time to THINK

  1. JERRIE ANN EDGERTON (@jashropedge)

    April 1, 2020 at 3:57 pm

    ❤️ this

  2. Marisa

    April 1, 2020 at 5:42 pm

    Thank you Doctor. I am inspired by your positive energy. xoxo


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